The Game of Strength

Why do we like Superheroes so much? We have it in us to watch a Superman movie, just to see him rip apart a car, or be awed by how hulk tears through buildings. Abnormal strength is a human aspiration. We are moved by it and for guys & girls in the pursuit of strength – it fuels are motivation. At least it does for me.

Any guy in the iron game wants to be Strong. What good is having a 17 inch bicep that fills up your shirt sleeve, if you can’t deadlift heavy? Getting strong is not about slotting in your workouts or doing heavy bicep curls. Getting strong is about pushing yourself every week, while doing the right type of exercises that will help you add more weight to your lifts. Here are some facts that you need to know, when playing the game of Strength …..

No one gets strong overnight.

The first thing you need to know about getting strong is patience. No one gets strong immediately, except for Popeye after a can of spinach. Getting strong is an objective that will take its weeks and months. So be prepared to face disappointment, failure and dropping the bar.

Compound lifts.

Most guys who hit the gym don’t realize the importance of compound lifts. The squat, deadlift, and bench are the three most important compound lifts that boosts testosterone and makes you stronger. These are basic multi joint exercises that helps you develop over all body strength using a particular range of motion.

Body weight theory.

In the game of strength, always test yourself with your body weight. If you can do 40 push-ups non-stop aspire to reach 50 push-ups in a month. This could work like a default method to test if your strength has gone up. Plus body weight exercises like Pull ups, jump squats and crunches are the perfect assistance work you could do to achieve your strength goals in your big lifts.

Prison yourself.

Dedication and commitment are vital aspects in the game of strength. You should be anal about recording your lifts every week, just like how a prisoner is anal about his tally marks on walls. Putting it down on record registers better in you and you will know how much more you got to improve to reach that goal.

Rest periods and sets.

Generally I would recommend low rep sets for guys & girls who are looking at getting strong while becoming bigger in size. On the contrary if you are looking at shedding fat while getting stronger I would recommend that you start your workouts with low rep compound lifts and continue with high rep assistance work. (For example on Leg day – Squat 10 sets of 03 reps with more than 80% of your 01 rep max and continue your assistance work be it push ups, pull ups, leg presses, lunges where you can do 04 to 05 sets of more than 10 reps).


Like I have emphasized many times before nutrition is an important aspect for any training goal you set. In the case of getting strong, pump up the protein in your diet for muscle repair and make sure you eat the right amount of carbs to provide you with the energy needed for your workouts. Eat clean and look at what you consume before you do.

Personally, I love being strong than being the guy who walks around the gym with a perfectly defined lean body who would be an ideal candidate for Sri Lanka’s first ever gay mag. My fascination with super heroes have always made me want to be the guy who can punch holes through walls and not worry about how big my biceps are. So the game of strength is like no game you’ve played before. It requires patience, the right work, the right commitment and proper nutrition to play, but once you get the hang of it, you too will finish sets saying ….. HULK SMAAAAAAAAAAAASSSSSSSSSHHHHHH.