The Crux

A family to maintain, a life to earn a living and live vivaciously is what makes my daily chores. So what does this have to do with my training?

A lot actually, let me tell you from the beginning……..

I first stepped into a gym at the age of 16. My buddy decided that it was the best place a bully like me can show his aggression, instead of the juniors in school. I was the average fat kid who was never good in sports, – I could never play cricket or be a key contender when it came to track events. I was the school thug who would have his way just by pushing my peers around – this included the teachers too.  I wasn’t one bit prepared for how my life was about to change, but can assure you that the gym definitely helped me get to where I am now.

My initial training was very conventional body building based, which was good enough to impress the girls. My commitment to keep the girls impressed also led me to find something about my body. For a kid who was 16 I was able to pound weights that were in par with the seniors in the gym, this later reflected when I was chosen to throw the discuss and the shot put at the school sports meet. Only I was very content with my strength. I was very happy being the guy with huge guns. Well at least it helped me get laid.

Fast forward to 2006, I was getting sick of my training along with the many other things I was doing in life. It wasn’t refreshing, the same old training partners, the same old conventional split training sessions, simply put ‘pure boring’. In the year 2007, the gym that I was training in decided to shut down, and that was the rise of my alcoholism. The next three years was full of unhealthy food, no exercise, plenty of trips to bars and some serious fat storage.

It was New year’s eve 2009, me and a bunch of friends were partying hard down south, when a German dude walked up to me and asked me what my resolutions were. I told him “Well, I’m definitely loosing weight and hitting the gym again”. This was when I was a huge ball weighing well over a 110 kilos. Even I was thinking, “What next for me?”

I wanted to get back into training, but I didn’t want to go back to be the guy with big guns who is unable to run a kilometer. This is when I had the pleasure of meeting a Sri Lankan guy who was living in Australia who was an amateur mixed martial arts fighter. He introduced me to a diverse world of training which involved much more than just lifting. Soon I was reading ludicrously on plyo (a personal favorite of mine), HIIT, conditioning, and nutrition. I was following strength and conditioning coaches from all over the world who enhanced my knowledge in how to be smart with your training and get results for the work you put in. By mid 2010, I have lost over 20 kilos, and had to make seriously changes to my wardrobe.

Over the next two years, I have put my body through different routines to achieve my goals in strength, conditioning and cardio. So much so, that I have diversified my training indide gyms, tracks, dojos and since of recent on a yoga mat. My indulgence in giving my body challenges got me into long distance jogging, hiking, trekking and fitness travel. Today I travel my own country and hike to places that I never knew existed. I find it a refreshing way to stay focused, fit and enjoy the small things in life that money can never buy.

I’m here to tell you the truth I know about training and how it can change your life to best fit your life’s goals. After all if the Fat Kid could do it – you definitely can.

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